BAHMAN group have their subsidiary offices in the USA, UK, Germany, Romania, Japan, Lebanon, China, India, Iran, Singapore, Brazil and UAE. BAHMAN REAL ESTATE has been established all over the world. The management of Bahman Al Omraniah is very well versified within the fields of natural stone, ceramic, sanitary wares, construction materials and construction field in Kuwait with experience exceeding 35 years on major prestigious projects within Kuwait and the Middle East.

Bahman Al Omraniah includes within it’s employees a very specialized team of professionals. Bahman Al Omraniah has within its structure the following departments.

  • Natural Stone (Marble, Granite, Limestone etc.)
  • Sanitary & Ceramics.
  • Interior Decoration & Joinery works.

With the crew on hand Bahman Al Omraniah is capable of performing and fulfilling all the requirements of projects within the above divisions. The assets of Bahman Al Omraniah includes a stock of KD.2.0 Million natural stone and varieties of more than 160 types of stones from all over the world, a huge collection of ceramic tiles and sanitary wares of luxurious types and popular brands, (see item 6, attached list of agencies) a fleet of construction equipment/tools which are capable of carrying out multimillion KD’s projects (see item 7, attached list of equipments).

The assets include heavy construction equipment with a complete system of formwork and scaffoldings in order to carryout all type of stone claddings. The factory plant is being qualified and designed for all types of manufacturing or designs cut and profiles. It is being set up to perform all types of requirements for Natural stone fabrications. It also performs all types of circular cuts, moulding, profiles, curve on plan at various thickness. The carpentry department has the capacity to do all types of joinery works, wooden house furniture, interior decoration works, office furniture, custom made furniture, wall paneling, wooden decorative ceilings, wooden flooring etc.

The equipments are supported by a qualified maintenance team with fully equipped maintenance yard in Doha area. A wealth of experience at all levels of the organization is also a key factor in the firm’ssuccess. From senior managers to site superintendents, from accountants to equipment operators each BAHMAN employee is an expert in his field. Together, they share a commitment to excellence, a sense of adventure, and a tremendous loyalty to the firm that demands the very best they have to offer. An area of 40,000 Sq. Mt. in Shuwaikh Industrial area includes our factories for marble, carpentry &aluminium works. Also have 30,000 Sq.Mt. as yard for equipment, plant and materials in Doha and Fintas Kuwait. We use sophisticated computer programs and technology for project design, engineering as well as for critical path method planning and scheduling.

Sister Companies & Associated Firms


Established in 1968, suppliers and dealers of building materials at present with 78 employees and 6 branches, famous and well known in building materials market in Kuwait, suppliers and dealers in all types of building materials and having two factories Aluminium factory and Terrazzo tiles factory. Having an area of stock of goods over 25000 m2 and has a turn over of 50 million dollars.

Tel :24810240
Fax : 24841755


Bahman Trading Corporation has special department for marine and offshore works, piling, port and other services. A large number of tug boat, mooring boat, piling hammer, crawler crane and other equipment. The firm offers extraordinary capabilities and wide ranging services, as general trading, commission agents, engineering products and contracting works. General trading, commission agent, building material, garment and textiles, food stuff, engineering products and contracting works. Are specialized in different commodities:

  • Steel
  • Cement
  • Timber
  • Sanitary ware
  • Iron monger
  • Paint
  • Chemicals
  • Sundries, Households

Tel :24813055
Fax : 24813873


Well known in Kuwait for supplying all kind of steel profiles and steel structure items.  Having a stock over 35,000 tons of different steel with an area of store more than 30,000 Sq.Mt.
Tel :24818589 
Fax : 24837809


All kinds of civil works, construction, buildings, infrastructure, asphalt works, renovation and maintenance and construction equipment suppliers.
Tel :24819450  
Fax :24813203


Trade agents and consultants,  representing international companies performing technological, commercial, construction, petroleum, petrochemical, industrial services also serves as the foreign trading and marketing arm of a group of sister companies.
Tel :24819450
Fax :24835504


Specialist in the supply, installation, training and maintenance of all kinds of medical equipment.
Tel :24819450
Fax :24810605


Landscaping, Irrigation system contractors, Plantation and flowers.
Tel :25728857
Fax :25728870


Specialists in Travel and Tourism Industry, agencies of International Airlines.
Tel :22420340 
Fax :22412536


Cargo handling section and passenger section, Agencies for International airlines/Cargo companies
Tel :22415439 
Fax :22407637


Dealers and commission agents of office equipments, stationery items.
Tel :22425170 
Fax :22425170


Specialist in Engineering Stationery
Tel :22429011  
Fax :22460750


Carrying all kinds of foodstuff.Having large store over 20,000 sqm.Of cold and frozen area.Supplying most of foodstuff and chemical detergents to co-operative markets, hotels and supermarkets.
Tel :24810322   
Fax :24810322 

International Trade Offices Following Bahman Foreign companies and Offices we have outside Kuwait

  • GCC countries The offices are under the name if ABMC in all kinds of construction materials, stock, sales and contracts.
  • Lebanon Under the name of BahmanTrding Corporation import, export and investment industry.
  • Jordan Under the name of ABMC
  • Germany Under the name of HansaUeberseehandleGmbh – Hamburg, Import, export, investment and manufacturing.
  • UK Under the name of Richmond Trading & Investment Co., handling all investment, oil and its products, steel and financing to industries.
  • Romania Under the name of Sarcomex – Bucharest and anothercompany under the name of Bahtco Agency Co.,import,export and financing to industries.
  • Brazil s Under the name of Bahman&Moujaes Co., Sao Pol – export of south American products, trading in commodities such as sugar, rice, corn, livestock, meat, etc.,
  • Canada Under the name of barco Co – Vancouver – export import.
  • USA Under the name of Bakmal Trading & Investment Co.,Los Angeles – export and import and financing.
  • India Under the name of BahtcoEssem Co. – Bombay an Delhi – handling mainly steel, bitumen, oil and export Indian commodities.
  • Singapore Under the name of Richmond Mercantile Co.,
  • China Under the name of Richmond Mercantile Ltd., Beiging Handling all Bahman Group requirements and export of Chinese products and goods.